Dancing With the Stars” season 25 is underway, and to help the celebrities and their pro partners get to know one another and lighten the mood between rigorous rehearsals, “Good Morning America” played the classic icebreaker game “two truths and a lie,” with each of the pairs, and things got wild.

No topic was off limits. From virginity to home life and beyond, some of the contestants’ answers were certainly shocking.

Some of the highlights:

Drew Scott, who is partnered with Emma Slater, revealed he was originally cast by HGTV for his show, “Property Brothers,” as the brawny construction remodeler rather than his twin brother, Jonathan Scott. The tables turned right before the premiere, though, and now Drew Scott is the sleek, buttoned-up real estate agent.

“Originally, because Jonathan and I both did construction and renovations, they thought I was the brawny guy and Jonathan was the licensed agent as well, so they thought I would be the contactor,” he told ABC News.

Ladies, hold on to your seats. Lachey, the 98 degrees star, lost his virginity before college.

His partner, Peta Murgatroyd, was pretty easily able to guess which was his lie from his three options: his favorite color is blue, he lost his virginity in college and a Toyota Corolla was his first scar.

“I lost my virginity in college,” she guessed right away.

“Are you trying to say I was loose and wild in high school?” he quipped. “OK, that was my lie.”

Real estate and business mogul Corcoran was feeling frisky during her round of “two truths and a lie.” She couldn’t keep her hands off her pro partner, Keo Motsepe, who revealed he is royalty, by the way. (Yes, really.) But then Corcoran got candid, saying she lost her virginity at age 23.

Watch the full video for all the wacky revelations from season 25’s dancing duos.

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